We are Bewegtraum, a collaborative video and motion design team with years of international experience behind us. We can’t wait to bring our passion to your next project, let’s get in touch…

Showreel - 2017

Our current showreel is a collection of work created over the last few years in Germany, Australia, the USA and Switzerland. The main content arose with the award winning Post-Production Studios and  .


What we do:

We draw storyboards to give a better feeling how a scene will look and feel with motion and timing.

We produce image films and corporate videos to establish name and presence of a company’s product and services.

We render realistic or stylized 3D representations of products.

We film, edit and colour grade events to capture unforgettable moments.

We film presentations that companies would like to share in their network, whether it is a corporate presentation or a medical procedure.

We produce web videos for social media and other channels to shine light on how to use certain products or services.

We produce 2d & 3d infographics to show off statistics or other information.

We animate 2d or 3d motion graphic content.

A logo animation for your motion contents like image films or corporate videos.

We edit footage to create dynamic videos that tell stories. From image films, corporate videos, music videos, short movies and documentaries.

We colour correct your video content to make it look more natural and more appealing to you and the audience.

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